Cottage Tips

To keep our beach area beautiful and safe, please:

Water Use

Testing Your Drinking Water - The Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound Health Unit offers to the public the free service of having drinking water tested for bacteria. The health unit serves as a drop-off point for water samples. The samples are transported daily to the Public health laboratory in Palmerston for testing.

Please conserve water at your cottage, the water tables are presently very low!

Place water barrels under your downspouts so you'll have some water for your toilet and plants if your pump breaks down. This water is also handy to put out your bonfires. (D & J Salisbury)

The Southampton Tourism buildings have outside taps to get drinking water. When you buy water at the grocery store save the jugs and fill them up here. (L & M Settle)

If your water pump is constantly coming on for no apparent reason, you may need to have a plumber check for leaks.

Install an electrical on/off switch to the outlet that your water pump connects to for easy maintenance and one to the water heaters to turn off electricity when you're not at the cottage.

To remove iron stains "Iron Out" powder is the best thing to remove the iron from your toilet bowl. Iron disappears without any scrubbing. The powder can also be used in the washing machine on most fabric shower curtains (check your instructions) Iron Out (liquid) is the best thing to use on tile shower stalls and tub enclosures. For stainless steel and bathroom sinks, use Zud cleanser. It comes in a container like Comet or Ajax, but is grey in colour.


If you have old beaten up switches or outlets, they may be a fire hazard and should be replaced.

An automatic night light with a photo electronic sensor or a lamp plugged into a timer will come on automatically at night for days when you aren't around or will be returning to the cottage after dark.

Heating and Cooling

If you decide to use those artificial logs to start your fire, never put them on hot coals since they can create a huge smoke bomb.

To keep your cottage cool, keep your drapes drawn during the day.

Ceiling fans are a real inexpensive way to draw warm air up in the summer and push it down in the cooler weather.

An inexpensive electric ceramic heater is an ideal way to keep yourself warm on cool nights. You can find them at any department store.

If you have slide out vents under your windows, cut out a piece of Styrofoam to help block the cold wind in the spring and fall.

In the Yard and Garden

Poison Ivy

Do not burn poison Ivy. The sap will vaporize, you will inhale it and be in serious trouble. Do not cut poison ivy with your lawn mower or weed eater. The best way to get rid of Posion Ivy is to dig it up. If you decide to remove poison Ivy, wear old clothes so you can throw out them out when you're done. The best time to dig up the vine is in the winter or early spring when the plant is dormant.


If you like flowers, plant hardy perennials for example, yarrow, pansies, marigolds (rabbits hate these), day lilies, hens and chicks and bleeding hearts.


Always keep your counters and tables free of crumbs and put your food away to discourage insects.

If you do get ants in your cottage, buy 'Ant B Gone'. It's thick like honey and works like a charm. Resist the urge to stomp the ants when they come to feed. They need to bring the poison to the colony. (

If you close your drapes/blinds at night and use your outdoor light at a minimum, you'll reduce the number of insects that are attracted to your cottage.


Lazy hazy crazy days of summer

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