Phragmites and Beach Grass

Phragmites Control on the Beach

The band will be spraying herbicide in mid August. Read about it here.


Beach Grass Update

Cottagers directly on the beach are encouraged to cut the invasive beach grass on or near their lots.  Please make sure you bag or burn the cut grass after cutting.  Failure to do so will facilitate the spread of the grass and do more harm than good. 

The Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation has provided us with a helpful write-up that can be viewed here.


Giant Hogweed and Wild Parsnip

The Band is also becoming concerned about these two invasive species. The sap from both plants can cause skin inflammation and blisters. Kirk Roote in the Land Management office is asking that we report infestations to him if/when we find them - or (519) 797 3039.

The following links give good descriptions of these two species: Giant Hogweed    Wild Parsnip